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Guest Speakers Changing Student Lives 30 Minutes at a Time


Building Leaders NOW

The Inspire Project is a themed student experience in which kids at every age can INTERACT with WORLD RENOWNED SPEAKERS throughout the year.  Each theme will include student, club, and school driven initiatives that will help develop a deeper understanding of growth that will ultimately CULTIVATE the POWER of our STUDENTS.

Why It Is Different

Currently there is not an organization that brings the speakers to a large number of organizations at one time that provides the viewers the ability to INTERACT with the speakers rather than passively sit and listen to a predetermined speech.


The initiative driven Project will enable schools, clubs, teachers, and students to choose the path of interest according to the NEEDS of their respective COMMUNITIES and BEYOND.  In choosing an initiative each experience will revolve around the common element to INTERACTwith guest speakers respective to the Project.  These speakers will share, inspire, and aid in the journey of student engagement and involvement in their communities and abroad to elicit change through action.

How It Works

The technology streams via the internet in which up to TWO HUNDRED ‘SCREENS’ can be used at once.  EVERYONE will be able to see and hear the speakers as well as may have the ability to INTERACT AND CONNECT with the speakers based on certain qualifications.

Mission Statement

The Inspire Project: Empowering students to become leaders today through innovative mentorship and action.

Vision Statement

Shaping the future by harnessing the power of our global youth now for a better world.

Need Proof? What’s being Said…

School and career advisers are failing to encourage children to reach for the stars.

Cambridge University

Teenage brains are like soft, impressionable Play-Doh.  There’s a softer side to adolescent minds: they’re vulnerable, dynamic and highly responsive to positive feedback.

Smithsonian Magazine

The traditional education system seems to have at least 20 different methods for helping a student’s self-esteem plummet.

Connect Learning Today

The adolescent years can be some of the most impressionable ones that kids will ever have.

Psychology Today

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Interested In Donating

We have partnered with these programs (The Seekers of Science, The Faulu Academy and the Last Animals)  if you would like to donate you can donate either donate 100% to the Inspire Project or donate 75% to Inspire and 25% to one of the 3 projects above. When you click on Paypal it will give you the option.

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